Monday, November 15, 2010

Legislation update

For years, the Missouri law has been a benefit to some in providing a resource to a successful reunion but has been very limiting in results to others when a reunion was not possible due to a birth parents death.  I have wished for a revision of the search law to allow for the release of identifying information in situations when the birth parent is found to be deceased. 
Also, the requirement for the adoptive parents permission to be obtained before a search can be conducted has also been a limiting factor.  If you are 60 years old and your adoptive parents are still living, the fact that you have to go to them and ask them to sign a form for you to do something seems very silly and unneccessary.  Or if you are estranged from your adoptive parents, contact with them to request their signature may be impossible or cause an additional strain on your relationship.  Several different parties are joining forces to try to revise the current law.  The goal is to allow for the release of information in more situations while maintaining the birth parent's right of refusal.  This still would require a search but in those situations where a birth parent is found or known to be deceased, the identifying information would be allowed to be released by the court. 
As soon as there is a submitted Bill and a Bill number, I will post it so you can keep track on the Legislative web site as well as here for updates on it's progress through the system. 

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