Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Legislative Update

Legislative Update:  As of today, I have been told we have a legislator on board to sponsor and co-sponsor the Bill that will modify the current adoption records statute in Missouri.  The Bill is with the legislative folks who will actually put the finishing touches on the wording of the Bill and it should be ready for submission when the session opens in January.  The other concerned folks that have worked for reform in the past have looked at it as well and are in agreement.  So we will hopefully not have too many stumbling blocks this session and may see success.  The purpose is compromise and will hopefully allow for the release of information in many more instances while maintaining the birth mother's right of refusal while she is still living.  It will also allow for the release of the original birth certificate in some instances.  We are hopeful that it will provide adoptees with the information about their birth parents that they have spent a life time waiting for.

When I have a Bill Number, you will be the first to know.

Happy New Year.

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