Thursday, February 17, 2011

HB 427 Legislative Update

Spent the afternoon in Jefferson City yesterday speaking with legislators and lobbyists regarding this Bill.  It has now been filed, read a second time and sent to the Judiciary Committee.   A hearing should be scheduled soon.

We (the cause) seem to be well received especially when it is explained how things are handled now in the search process and the current limitations.  HB 427 would resolve most of those barriers to adoptee's receiving information.  There are still many who feel it doesn't do enough and while we may agree or disagree, the current proposed revision would be like WINNING THE LOTTERY for so many.  Those adoptees who know that their birth parents are deceased, and as a result are not eligible to receive information, would be able to.  Those adoptees who, for various reasons, do not feel able to approach their adoptive parents for the required signature, would be able to request information without having to broach this subject with them. 

Hopefully the folks who feel the need to stir things up, will realize this and not mess things up for those who just want to know the information.  We have to take things a step at a time especially with the legislature.  They have proven that they will not go for big changes all at once.  We have to ask, what CAN we get passed and then go from there. 

If HB 427 passes, it would basically mean open records for adoptees unless the birth parent declines to consent.  But if they do consent (as they can now) or if they are deceased, the information will be made available including the updated information found in the search.  I think that sounds WONDERFUL. 

The Rep who is sponsoring the Bill is Rep. Jay Barnes.  His email address is   Please let him know you support this Bill. 

On the Senate side, we are still hopeful and I will provide more info as it becomes available to me.

Have a great day everyone.   

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