Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HB 427

Alleluia, we now have a number!  HB 427.   It was filed by Rep. Jay Barnes and will hopefully be matched with a Senate bill soon.
I am looking into contact information for this Rep so we can show our support of this proposed legislation.   It is not available online yet but should be soon.  To keep track, visit the Missouri government web site and in the Bill search box, type "adoption records" and it should pull up HB 427.  Eventually, it will have the full Bill text. 

Basically, the new law would allow for the request of a search without requiring adoptive parent permission, release of identifying information if the birth parent is deceased, removes the veto power of one birth parent over the other, and release of the original birth certificate in cases where the birth mother consents or is deceased.   It continues to offer birth parents the ability to remain anonymous, if they so choose. 

Let us lobby for this one folks!

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  1. This is WONDERFUL news, Laura! Our prayers may still be answered as well as many questions about my birth parents. We have several family members who will write letters of support when we hear where to mail them. Thanks for keeping us in the "lobby loop". J. M.L