Sunday, February 27, 2011

SB 351 (Lamping)

        SB 351 has now been filed with the Missouri Senate.  Senator Lamping is the sponsoring legislator.  This Bill, unfortunately, does not include a provision to include the release of original birth certificates but does include most of the provisions included in the House Bill.  This shows that regardless of what we may want to happen,  we have to go with what the legislature will agree to and push that limit.  Let's get this much through and then we can go for more next year.
          If between the two Bills we can at least open the adoption record, most adoptees will be able to learn the name of their birth parents not just the adoptees whose birth parents consent.  They will learn where they lived, where they died, surviving family, etc.  The greater tragedy would be to have nothing happen.  How do I explain to all those adoptees who have been told their birth parents are deceased that this didn't go through and they cannot know?  They are very hopeful at this point. 
         We have to include the adoption record in there somewhere as the original birth certificate is not found in the adoption files and the adoption file includes information obviously not found on the birth certficate.  Also, if a search has been done in the past, this updated birth parent information will be in the adoption file at the Court and provide the information the adoptee is seeking.  It was with the hope that the information would one day be made available that so much is put into the search report. 
          As I know more about the HB and now the SB, I will post.  We are hopeful we can help the legislators understand how the adoptees need this information and it would be a start towards removing the barriers.  Exciting times!

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