Sunday, March 27, 2011

SB 351 update

The hearing for SB351 has been scheduled for this Tuesday morning at 8:15 am.  Please contact the members of the Health, Mental Health, Seniors and Families committee to let them know you are in favor of this Bill. 

What will this Bill do for adoptees? 
1.  It will remove the requirement for the adoptive parents written consent to a search. 
2.  It will allow for the release of information if the birth parent is found to be deceased.
3.  It will allow for the lineal descendant to request a search if the adopted person is deceased. 

This means that all those adopted persons or their descendants who know or have been told the birth parent is deceased and thought they would never be able to know their birth information would now be able to know.  Yea!  

HB427 is pretty much stalled in committee.  It is felt the committee chair was not real in favor of it to begin with so has a lot of control over whether it even comes to a committee vote.  Very disappointing.  Also with the opposition the committee received, it makes it very easy for the committee to just ignore it and move on to something else rather then really look into the issue and make an informed decision. 

So the hope is to now work with the Senate bill.  The word on the street is that if we can get the Senate Bill to move through the Senate committee, get approved on the Senate floor and sent to the House, we have a better shot of getting something moving.  The HB is pretty well dead, unfortunately.

So please spread the word to encourage support of SB351.  The adoptees need this.  There needs to be something moving on behalf of adoptees while we wait for the time to come when we can get somewhere with the birth certificate issue. 

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