Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another step closer

SB351 was passed on to the House today.  Yea!  We are now one step closer.  During the hearing yesterday one of the Senators brought up the issue of the married birth parents and disclosure upon death.  That was resolved with an amendment.  This was not something we were anticipating or had prior knowledge was going to happen.  It still reflects the concern folks have of someone's name being released that is still alive and has asked to stay anonymous.  While I am somewhat disappointed in it, I have to be realistic and compromise.

So now we can begin to contact our Reps to let them know of the Bill so they are familiar with it.  We hope to hear what committee it will be going to soon.  It would be helpful if it doesn't go to the Judiciary as they have stalled the HB basically stopping it. 

It will be a happy day when I can contact the adoptees and tell them the info on their deceased birth parent is now available.  Or the adoptee's grandchildren...

Some day soon, I hope.

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