Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hearing is a success, sort of

The Hearing for SB351 was this past Wednesday.  Despite discussion by some people who still want to project the "shame and guilt" ideology on birth mothers and another amendment to when info can be released, the committee voted the Bill Do Pass.  Due to the wording of the Bill, the ability to release info has been limited again and will now require another amendment to "fix" it.  However, we have spoken with all the Rep's involved and they now understand and agree to the adjustments needed.  So when it goes to the Floor, we hope to have another amendment added to set it back to what it should say.  From what I understand, the Bill is now with the Rules committee and will then go to the House Floor.  No one knows when that will happen.  Requires negotiation at every step.

Irregardless, it continues to provide even a small victory in the process and another step closer to adoptees learning as much as possible rather then as much as allowed. 

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