Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot off the Senate Floor!

SB351 just discussed on the Senate floor and was ordered "Perfected and Printed."  Several concerns were brought up and resolved.  One concern generated a last minute amendment which, while not great, was a reasonable compromise.  A Senator brought up the concern that in a situation where the birth parents had married each other at some point and now were being sought by the adult adoptee. If one birth is alive and declines and the other is deceased, the current Bill would have allowed the release of the identity of the deceased birth parent effectively undermining the other birth parents refusal to release their name.  The amendment was added that would prohibit the release of either birth parent's name until both (married) birth parents were deceased if one birth parent refused. 

At this point, the SB351 will be placed on the Calendar again for a Third Reading and when passed, will go to the House for consideration.  It is not known how quickly this will occur.  But we continue to make progress!!  

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