Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Legislative Update

Legislative Update:  As of today, I have been told we have a legislator on board to sponsor and co-sponsor the Bill that will modify the current adoption records statute in Missouri.  The Bill is with the legislative folks who will actually put the finishing touches on the wording of the Bill and it should be ready for submission when the session opens in January.  The other concerned folks that have worked for reform in the past have looked at it as well and are in agreement.  So we will hopefully not have too many stumbling blocks this session and may see success.  The purpose is compromise and will hopefully allow for the release of information in many more instances while maintaining the birth mother's right of refusal while she is still living.  It will also allow for the release of the original birth certificate in some instances.  We are hopeful that it will provide adoptees with the information about their birth parents that they have spent a life time waiting for.

When I have a Bill Number, you will be the first to know.

Happy New Year.

Welcome to a New Year

Welcome to a New Year (almost)!  In a few days it will be 2011.  Maybe this is the year you will decide the time is right to search for information on your birth family.  There is a lot of emotion tied to the decision to search.  What will I find if I look for my birth parents?  Will they want to have contact with me?  Am I too late and they are already deceased?  Has my birth mother wondered about me?  Do I look like my birth mother or birth father?  Where do I get my likes/dislikes from? 

No matter how much you love and are loved by your adoptive family, we are always adoptees with "the rest of the story" to discover.  If you were adopted in Missouri and want to learn more, I can help.  If you were adopted in another state, I am very willing to discuss your options with you and help if I can.  Missouri is not a difficult state to search in if you follow the established steps and process.  Your adoption records are available within the county court file where you were adopted.  Granted there are times when there is very little in the court file to go on but successful searches have occurred even when all we have is a name. 

Some county courts and court personnel still do not realize an adoptee can search and that there is an easy process to follow.  An adoptee still comes across the mentality that seeking birth records is something that should be left alone.  Being knowledgeable about the state statute before you call the Court can help you to be successful in obtaining the non-id from your file as well as a full search.  If you still have trouble, give me a call.

When you feel the time is right, give it a try.  You will feel better at least knowing you gave it a shot and will have answered that question of "What will I find if I search." 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!