Friday, June 3, 2011

On the Governor's desk

SB 351 was delivered to the Gov. on May 26 along with the long list of other HB and SB's that were passed this session.  Looking at his web site, nothing has been done with any of these Bills to date.  So we wait.

Many of us have called the Gov.'s office to express our support of this Bill.  It is not known when he will be in the office to work on legislative things especially with the tornadoes and such that have occurred in the last few weeks.

We are keeping watch and I will post any new updates as soon as they occur.  When the Gov. does sign or after the default deadline of passage has come and gone, it will still be the end of August before the Bill is actually law.  We will also have to give the Courts a reasonable amount of time to even become aware of the new statute, to review it and then to develop the process to handle the influx of requests they will undoubtedly receive. 

Still, it is all very exciting.
Happy Summer!

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