Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SB351 has been signed!

Just got the call.  The Bill has been signed by the Governor!  Congrats to all those who have worked for this.  Adoptees or their decedents will now have more access to the adoption information and adoptees will not have to ask their adoptive parents for permission.  (That has always been an odd requirement anyway.)  I have not yet seen the final copy of the Bill to see how the final wording ended up but should be helpful to many people.  Still not a total disclosure for all adoptees but that may come in time.  For now, I have a guess as to who will be the first people in line to get this newly available info. 

It will take time to get the Courts educated on the new statute but plans are in the works for that.  Still, I am very pleased.  Some progress is better then none.

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